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Anna (NCPT, she/her) was introduced to Pilates during college as a strengthening and supportive tool for her dance career. It quickly became an integral part of her training as a movement practitioner. She received her Mat Certification at Body Precision Pilates in 2009 in Philadelphia, PA, and spent the next 5 years teaching in Philly and New York City. Anna completed her apparatus certification at InsideOut Body Therapies in 2014, and has since worked in Chapel Hill at Studio East 54 and in Durham at Bull City Pilates & Massage. In addition, she has an in-home practice supporting clients in recovery from major injury, surgery and birth. 

Anna is fascinated by the healing and reconstructive elements of Pilates, and has used the system to combat her own dance-related injuries. Her movement work is dependent on the needs of her clients, and can consist of an ever-evolving synergy of classical Pilates exercises and other movement ideologies, dubbed "The Barker Method" by her clients. This can include dance, yoga, TRX, PT-based movement rehab, myofascial meridians, movement for clients with neurological conditions, and prenatal and postpartum work. She is thrilled to share her movement experiences with her community in a fun, present and relaxed way. Anna believes that everyone deserves to feel freedom in their body, and that movement is a transformative tool for a better life. 


Pilates is a dynamic and versatile movement system with tremendous benefits that is suitable for everyone regardless of fitness level, age, size, or ability. Incorporating a Pilates movement practice into your training regimen can greatly support and enhance any endeavor you take on.


Whether you’re seeking to build strength, rehabilitate an injury, diversify your movement practice, build muscle mass and bone density, or simply to feel better in your body, Pilates can positively affect your quality of life.

Here are just some of the benefits of a regular Pilates & movement practice: 

-improves posture 
-increases flexibility & mobility

-increases muscle & bone strength

-increases energy

-decreases back pain

-decreases stress and anxiety

-prevents & rehabilitates injury

-improves balance & body awareness

-enhances performance in other areas & modalities

-boosts mood & movement confidence

Still not convinced?
Pilates doesn't have to be scary!

There's a lot of stigma attached to t
he word Pilates, in part because it became part of a late 80s and 90s fitness craze dedicated to a small elitist group of folks. My practice is not like that. 

I pride myself on my ability to work with all different types of bodies, regardless of  whether or not you feel like you "belong" in a Pilates environment. I invite you to explore this work as a collaboration, as I encourage my clients to ask questions and advocate for themselves along the way. This not only makes the experience more enjoyable for both of us, but it deepens your connection and understanding of your body and allows for more growth, faster recovery and a greater sense of autonomy. 

My studio is located on the wellness campus of Radical Healing, an intentional, radically inc
lusive, LGBTQ+ and Black, Indigenous, People of Color centered, multiracial and multicultural campus for healing and wellness.

Come see me at the studio sometime! 



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